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PAs For Tomorrow Seeking Student Involvement

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PAs For Tomorrow - or PAFT - is a national PA advocacy organization representing the future interests of all PAs.  PAFT is a grassroots organization that is progressive in it's advocacy efforts on many issues relevant to PAs across the nation.  Issues that will affect the future of all PA students such as Autonomy, Full Practice Authority, Full Prescribing Authority, title change are a few among many.  PAFT, as an organization, believes the PAs practice medicine and are well trained to do so.  We believe that we have a place in the healthcare landscape but that we must advocate to secure our position in a changing industry.  We also believe that it is each PAs responsibility to become involved in professional advocacy issues - if we don't for ourselves, no one else will. 


PAFT has an open student director board seat open and we are seeking an interested student who is interested in becoming involved.  This is a voting position - you will weigh in and make decisions about activities of the PAFT organization and your vote will count.  You will enjoy involvement with a group of PA leaders, all of whom have been in clinical practice for many years but recognize the value of upcoming generations of PA students as our most valuable professional resource.  You will have the opportunity to understand current and pressing issues that need attention by local, state and national leadership.  You will have the opportunity to have advocacy mentoring by people interested in giving back to you.


Requirements:  1) you must be actively enrolled in an accredited PA program.  2) you must be willing to join the PAFT organization (discounted student rate) 3) you should be willing to give some time to PAFT efforts. 


Any interested PA student actively enrolled in a PA program is welcome to send their CV to satterwhite@cableone.net.  Feel free to message me with questions you have about the position and I'm happy to answer questions on this thread as well.


For more information about the PAFT organization, please go to www.pasfortomorrow.org

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