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  1. Important- Please note change of Venue. now inside Mandalay bay: To all, The location of the meet and greet is officially changed to the Ri Ra' Irish Pub and restaurant located at The Shoppes on the Mandalay Bay Property. We have a semi-private room reserved from 7-9pm. This is a much better location for the event than the original location. Feel free to post away. Please request that people RSVP by May 5th via email: nbatemanpac@gmail.com so I can have an idea of if we'll have significantly fewer or more than our estimated attendees. Restaurant location directions are as follows: From the Front Desk - Walk past guest elevators to the casino floor and take a right onto the casino floor. Follow pathway to Starlight Tattoo and take a left. Take escalator up to the shoppes at Mandalay Place and continue to walk straight. RiRa will be on the left. From Parking Garage - Enter the doorways from the garage area and walk straight on cobblestone walkway. Take a left at the casino floor. Take escalator up to the shoppes at Mandalay Place and continue to walk straight. RiRa will be on the left. Thanks
  2. Please join us for our annual reception at the AAPA Conference in Las Vegas! Date: Monday May 15 Time: 7pm-9pm Dinner will be served. change of venue see post below
  3. https://www.aapa.org/twocolumn.aspx?id=6442451554 discuss. PAFT had a major role behind the scenes in advancing this proposal and we have a board member on the task force.
  4. As I peruse the PA profession's furor about the Women's Health article on PAForum as well as on Facebook - and perhaps other blogs that I don't frequent, I'm struck by a few key things. It is important to hold publications and entities responsible when they misrepresent the PA profession - like the plethora of letters to the editor flying into the Inbox of tellus@womenshealthmag.com by those of use that are inclined. I'm glad about that and I encourage every colleague who has taken the time to respond on this forum expressing dismay about the article to take the time - 5 minutes tops - to write a letter to Women's Health magazine. It matters when the collective large voice speaks, so my fellow PAs, keep writing those letters!!! I'd also like to reflect on the collective PA Profession's responsibility to what leads to inaccuracies like the article in Women's Health magazine. I personally believe the primary source of such inaccuracies largely stem from the language that OUR OWN profession uses to describe what we do. If you haven't ever taken the time to peruse your own state's PA website, do so now. Look with a discerning eye for the language used to describe PAs. I found all of these on the AAPA and various state PA organization sites TODAY. ASSISTANT - We hand other people stuff all day SUPERVISED - someone looks over our shoulder all day DEPENDENT - we don't do anything without someone helping us out MD-LED - sounds like we're tagging along all day MIDLEVEL - we must not be good enough to be top level I did the same for a few NP Association websites. NONE, ZERO, ZIPPO, NADA of those words exist anywhere in the NP lexicon. As any journalist with lay medical knowledge will do, they head straight to a handful of websites to extrapolate basic information about a given topic. They also read the "tone" with which the information is presented. So my question is....where is the responsibility of the collective PA profession in all this? How can we expect journalists, lay people, patients and even other medical professionals to reinterpret language descriptors when these still inhabit how we decribe our own profession? Language matters!
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