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Balancing Life...Taking Pance and Family

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Dear All:


Could you kindly post your thoughts on how did you or planning to concentrate on taking a high stakes exam while at the same time balancing a family life?


Did you stay away from them?


Not Talk to them?  


If you did talk to them then how often)?


What methods did you use to not get distracted while studying for this exam?


How effective do you think this was for you?  What would you change next time, if you were not satisfied?


Many thanks for all your comments.

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When I was studying for the exam, I split my time. 


I found the most important thing for me was to split my time up by section, set measurable goals for myself each day and then when I finished studying I would do something to relax.  I made sure to call and spend time with family and friends regularly, sleep well, eat well and exercise.


Studying for the boards is a marathon, not a sprint.  You should not power through, shut out the world and do well.  You need to work at it every day maintaining your sanity to ensure your mind is acute and prepared to absorb information.


Good luck to you!

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