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Hi all,


I'm a new grad moving to Oregon and I've got a few questions about the state license application. 


I've yet to find a new home so I don't have an Oregon address yet - is it acceptable to use my current address in Missouri for my home address right now?


Secondly, the application asks for a mailing address and states this will be printed on my certificate as well as be public information - should I list the address of my employer or use my home address?


Thanks for any advice!

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This is old, but to the next with the question: use your work address.  It will be where people can see it and no way do you want your home address public.  I moved to Oregon from another state and used my old address.  (So my OR license had my home address from the old state.  Wasn't too worried since I didn't live there anymore.  When it was time to renew, I had them re-print it with my employer address.)

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