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  1. Hi paadmissions, First, many thanks for all the helpful information! You've given some valuble insight into the admissions proccess. My question is regarding a low grade in anatomy lecture. I received a C in the lecture my sophomore year (the first semester after transferring schools). I took the lab component this spring as a post-grad and got a B. I'm wondering how much the low grade in anatomy lecture will affect my application. I majored in Biochemistry and did very well in multiple other challenging science courses (A in Biochem 1 and 2, A in Biological Physical Chemistry etc.). The other parts of my application include calculated CASPA GPA 3.48, CASPA science GPA 3.40, GRE scores of verbal 161 and quantitative 159, ~2,200 hours of HCE as a medical assistant and strong LORs from an MD, PA, and RN. I'd appreciate your input on how that one low grade affects my application. Thanks for the help!
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