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  1. Hi all, I'm a new grad moving to Oregon and I've got a few questions about the state license application. I've yet to find a new home so I don't have an Oregon address yet - is it acceptable to use my current address in Missouri for my home address right now? Secondly, the application asks for a mailing address and states this will be printed on my certificate as well as be public information - should I list the address of my employer or use my home address? Thanks for any advice!
  2. I'm in my last few months of PA school and saw a job for a surgical PA with a surgical hospitalist group. Just wondering if anyone has experience working for or interacting with surgical hospitalists as this is a new specialization to me. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I'm currently in my clinical year of PA school and have a strong interest in working in a specialty that involves time in the OR. I've done my general surgery rotation, am currently in orthopedics, and have cardiothoracic surgery setup as well. I have a few questions for those of you currently practicing in a surgery setting: 1). I'd like to find a job that has some time in the clinic and some time in the OR - how reasonable is this? 2). So far, I still don't feel like I'd be close to adequate as a first assist - how comfortable were you coming out of PA school and/or how m
  4. Hi all, I was recently accepted to Nova Ft. Lauderdale (yay!) and was looking over the acceptance letter they sent. In it, it said that the estimated room and board for year one was $22,700 to live off campus. This seems like a gross overestimation (almost $2,000/month), but again it is in a totally new city and part of the world for me. I was wondering if any current students could confirm the accuracy of this. I was thinking maybe $1,000/month (i'm planning on living in a 1 bedroom with a roommate). Please let me know if that seems reasonable or if it truly is that expensive just to live
  5. Hey guys, I was considering the NHSC repayment program after I graduate from PA school. I was wondering if anyone has any experience or insight into the program. Thanks!
  6. Congrats to everyone who has been accepted! I have my interview this Thursday and just wanted to make sure that you met in Terry for your interview. The directions are a little unclear, it looks like we're just supposed to meet them there. If anyone could confirm that I'd appreciate it!
  7. Anyone know if they're still contacting people for interviews? Or how many seats they've already filled? I submitted my supplemental back in August and still haven't heard anything.
  8. Hey all, Has anyone heard anything about interviews yet? I'm starting to get really anxious now that its October!
  9. Hey Scott, I'm from Kansas and applied to both schools. I went to an info session at WSU and was very put off the program. They had a very "snooty" attitude, like they didn't really care if you attended their program or not because they didn't need you. They've also been poor with communication and their organization in getting materials sent out for this application cycle. On the other hand, MSU was very friendly when I spoke with them on the phone and interviewed. They have a lot of pride in their program and were really trying to sell you on it. They have been quick to respond to all m
  10. I've got an interview coming up and was just hoping any current students or other prospective students could give some insight on what the process is like at Missouri State and/or the types of questions I can expect.Thanks!!
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