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2nd time applying - Any recommendations for next cycle?

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Howdy all!!


I recently applied for the upcoming class of Summer 2016 and I was given notice on Nov 1st that I was not granted an interview.


I've tried, but unfortunately the Program cannot give any specifics as to why I did not go further. I was hoping to chat here with anyone who might have gotten in, or anyone who is more familiar with their admissions process.


Some background about me:

35 years old, 'non-traditional' applicant

BA in Art, minor in Business

BS in Biology

3.6 GPA, but higher in the sciences

was pre-med for quite some time

10+ years of volunteering at Hospitals and various Programs that I like

presently work at UC Davis Medical Center in Research as a Clinical Research Coordinator; have been for ~2.5 years


I'm just not sure what I can do differently. I will definitely continue to reapply and maybe that's what the PA Program is looking for; someone who sticks with it? I'm hoping this will help other folks too who may be in the same boat, but any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!



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Hi Charleen, I'm sorry you didn't get in this cycle but don't give up! Your stats look good to me. You have a great GPA and a lot of volunteer hours. One area that I believe may be hurting you is the lack of paid direct patient care hours. Volunteering and research is great, but unfortunately many programs require hands on experience as a provider, whether that be as a CNA, PT aide, EMT, nursing etc.


I would suggest that you obtain a license in something that will allow you to be directly responsible for patient care. Bonus points if it allows you to work with or be around PAs.


Another thing that you may benefit from is shadowing PAs if you haven't already. In addition to this, make sure you have a great personal statement that show you know what a PA is and how your personal experiences motivate you to become a PA, specifically. I've gone on four interviews and each and every one were looking for these same things. There are many fields that allow you to help people, what makes the PA profession different? And how are you different from every other applicant who wants to be a PA?


As I said, your stats looks more than competitive to me, so I would not worry about that. Just work on getting direct patient hours and showing schools who you are through your experiences. You have to remember that there are hundreds of applicants with similar, if not better, stats than yours. You need to show them that you are different.


Good luck! My stats are way lower than yours, so please don't be discouraged. It is doable.

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