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Things to Do BEFORE PA School?

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I just made an account on this site, so I hope I'm posting to the right place...


But I had a question to those who are in or graduated from PA school... What did you do before you started?


I've heard that some people have studied before entering while others tried to relax as much as possible. How did you prepare for the big experience? Are there any need-to-knows before you get there? Did you study anything?


What was your before-PA-school plan?

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I did not study anything before starting my program. You will truly want the stress free "you" time before going into the program. I worked full time up until about 3 weeks prior to starting my program and then I worked part time for the remaining 3 weeks (I was trying to get financially set before starting my program by paying off all my credit cards, my car, and putting some money away in savings. 


I honestly don't think studying would have helped me at all before starting my program. Some people I know did study before starting their program, but honestly studying will become your life after starting school so my recommendation would be to relax before starting. 


Hope this helps. 

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