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International & Seasonal Job Opportunities?

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I want to be a PA. I also love medical mission work. Ideally I would like to become a PA and work seasonally in the US and then spend the rest of the year doing mission work (perhaps in Central America).


* Is this a reasonable goal or am I being too idealistic?


* What are some different options for seasonal work? I have read that some PAs work seasonally at ski resorts etc. and I would love to hear about various options and experiences.


* Is becoming a PA a good option if I want to work internationally in underserved areas? Or would I be better off becoming a nurse practitioner? It seems like nursing is a more recognized profession in other countries from what I have read.


* Does anyone have any recommendations for volunteer experience/shadowing in the US that would relate to these future goals? Maybe shadowing a PA in an underserved area? Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance for your advice/thoughts/opinions!

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