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Small town medicine in Colorado?

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I am currently a rural primary care PA in KY and am considering a move to CO to be near family members in the Parker, Broomfield areas. I have visited the front range area many many times and I dont know if I could deal with the traffic and congestion. I would be interested in more rural areas - treating indigent patients, etc - but would need to be within 1.5 hours of either DIA or Colorado Springs airport for my DH's job travel requirements.


I would appreciate any advice/insight on the PA job market in the more rural areas.


Thanks in advance,



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Hey my brother lives in Colorado and I am thinking of moving there as well. A really good resource is http://coruralhealth.org/programs/cpr/

It is essentially a recruitment program from the Colorado Rural Health Center. There is a provider interview form on this page. It was awhile ago but I'm pretty sure that is what I filled out and very helpful person contacted me via email with opportunities and was a great resource. Colorado has a really good state loan repayment program if you still have loans.


Also check out http://www.searchcolorado.org/maps/Alphalisting.htm

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