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  1. I am having a difficult time finding any local colleges that accept the ADN (assoc. degree) to NP - everyone in KY requires the BSN for admission. They also require 1000 hours of bedside nursing or 1 year full time employed prior to admission. How are you getting around those requirements? I wonder if certain programs would make an exception?
  2. I looked at the Vandy program a while back - it was about $50k per year - looks like undergrad total is now at 54K - cannot easily locate what the graduate costs are. Plus with having to take 2 years off - and the pre-reqs to get in that I would have to repeat because it has been 23 years since I took those classes. Total UGH.
  3. Hi everyone, Just a heads up - I just received an email from NCCPA stating very sternly that I was warned multiple times that my certification was expiring at the end of March and now my certification has lapsed and what steps I must do not to be re-certified. However, when I sign into my account I am certified and up to date on everything until 12/2022. After multiple calls to their office and no answer - someone from our clinic got in touch with someone at NCCPA and was told there was a computer error. Apparently - NUMEROUS people got this email - as did many PA's in my
  4. Also a new VA employee. I got extremely lucky - I was hired on as a temporary 120 day covid position and they were fast tracking everyone so there was no interview. I had contacts at the VA and the only question was - "we can give you part time - is that ok? " Since I was furloughed - my answer was yes - thank you very much. Then as mentioned above, the onboarding started which was a HUGE PITA with many redundant forms. There was no physical exam - only fingerprinting and back ground check - due to covid. They had a goal of completing onboarding within 2 weeks - so it was lots of
  5. One of my SP's daughters just went back to school for 2nd degree direct entry BSN - took her one year - 30K cost. She is now working in the ICU making 100/hr ( some of it is covid bonus payments). She is working on her NP completely online while she is working. I told him that she might be disappointed by the pay scale going from 100/hr ICU to NP but heck - she can do both if she wants. If I could afford to take a year off and do this _ I would likely do it. Just cannot afford the break in a paying job. If there was a night school or online direct entry BSN for a re
  6. At this point, I would be fine with 1 year or less PA-NP route
  7. I am already active within my state board (KAPA) and AAPA. I have served on the KAPA board since 2014 and continue to be active with legislation issues in KY. Trying to get practicing PA's in my state to take on an active role is frustrating and exhausting. Our state membership is less than 10% of practicing PA's. We are our own worst enemy - apathetic until it affects our jobs. COVID furloughs/layoffs/job loss has finally brought our issues front and center for many PA's but unfortunately, it is too little/too late. Like you - I am 10-15 years out from retirement.
  8. I have tried to volunteer with vaccine administration only to be told that PA's can not participate due to supervision issues. I have worked in FP/ER/Cardiology and Pediatrics over the course of 22 years. I give vaccines in clinic all day for well child checks, etc. So, essentially due to our antiquated laws, I still need to be "supervised" while my pharmacy friends - that have never laid hands on a patient EVER - are getting paid to give vaccines today. I am so beyond disgusted right now
  9. Do you mind sharing your "exit strategy"?
  10. I have about 10 years left before I can hopefully retire. I am hoping to ride this train into the grave. I saw this coming a long time ago also and posted numerous times on this site and others only to be told "move to where the jobs are", "we are better educated", "it is useless trying to partner with the NP profession" etc, etc, etc. I wish I had gone ahead and done the NP route part time when I was seeing what was happening so long ago. I would rather work as long as I can - but it seems that my job will be phased out eventually. Maybe if the AAPA and other states can pull
  11. I am in favor of MCP - but wondering about the title Advanced Practice Provider - APP. When I am searching for jobs - that is always the job title (which lumps us together with NP's). At least that would be something HR actually recognizes...... I was able to listen to HOD a short time - I wonder if that title choice ever came up?
  12. I have been working clinic and ER - I am seeing many of my post COVID patients with complaints of chronic fatigue, headaches, brain fog, myalgias, random palpitations and a generally feeling chronically bad. In addition I have a handful of patients that are 8-10 weeks out have have not regained sense of taste or smell back yet. They want to know if this is permanent - I don't know. These are people that have had "mild" cases. The ER has been offering the vaccine to us when it comes available - so I signed up. I had been going back and forth on taking it since the vaccin
  13. From the job description listed, it does not look like an MA position. MA's do not do medical examinations, health assessments or treatment coordination. Lets hope that the salary is a typo.
  14. ANESMCR - My brother graduated from CSU - my niece and nephew are there now. My whole family is in CO - I can't get my husband to leave KY for some reason. If he agreed, I would be leaving skid marks from here. My next job will be working at RMNP if I have anything to say about it. My last trip out there - I met a volunteer ranger on the tundra trails - his "job" was to hike the trails check on people. I could hang up my stethoscope for that.......
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