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New grad- FM from FL with restrictive covenant

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The following contract is not yet negotiated. When asked the range for salary expectation I said 74-77k ; I was offered the following:


Base Salary: 60K first year

65K 2nd year

Simple IRA: We match up to 3% of your salary

+ Malpractice

Medical Ins: 50% towards premiums

Vacation first year: 1 week plus 6 paid holidays

Vacation 2nd year: 2 weeks plus 6 paid holidays

CME's: $1000 per year

Office hours are Monday to Friday 8-5 PM . No hospital, no call, no weekends


I was also given a restrictive covenant: 10 mile radius : 0 / : I hear this alot for doctors.. Any other PAs out there have this in a contract.


Any negotiation tips ?? muchas gracias


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This sounds like a spectacular offer... For your employer. I don't think even the best negotiator would be able to counter this low ball offer and abysmal perk package. Get salary report and statistics for salary and you will find that even at 74-74 you would still be in the lower 50% of salaries. Not much else to say as no real positives and I doubt the employer is going to come up to a reasonable offer.

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