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  1. Starting my 4th year of med school in about a month. PA to MD with 3 kids slightly younger than yours. Med school is very doable if you have some income coming in, can save up some bank before hand and can work a little throughout. I work about 3-4 shifts a month and extra on breaks to keep us in our house. Ive been home for dinner with the family every night M1-M3 except a handful of overnights here and there. Compare that to full time EM PA missing dinner 3-4x week. I haven’t missed any major events in my kids lives and was there to drop my son off for his first day of kindergarten and went
  2. Current md student coming from PA of about 5 years. I read a little of your original post and a few things did stand out. Yes - m1-m2 can very much be treated like a job 8-5 studying/classroom requirements. That’s what I did and also worked about 3 weekend shifts a month at a slower UC to reduce my loans. now in m3 and the unpredictable nature of when you’ll get out and just having longer days in general is a bit stressful having family at home relying on help to get dinner and kids to bed etc. you also mentioned doing all the go-to med school resources like pathoma, sket
  3. I just got an email from nccpa saying “last chance your certification expires today!” it also says December 31st 2019. So assuming it’s an error. Anyone else receive this?
  4. Khan academy plus kaplan books to get a base. Make anki cards or find a premade Mcat anki deck to continue throughout . Then tons and tons of practice questions. There’s free tests out there and the aamc has a lot of practice tests and question banks to buy. I struggled a lot with chem and physics and did just okay enough on the real deal but did very well with bio and psych to balance it all out. When you first start it seems massive, having been so far removed from those studies , but you scaffold up pretty quickly believe it or not. Common High yield themes ... practice questions.
  5. What’s the day to day schedule like here? That’s something to keep in mind. Are they condensing Didactic into less time and eliminating any breaks? At my 4 year program my schedule is such that I can work most weekends still because I have time to get my studying done at home during the week (class 8-12 most days ). Summer off between m1-m2 and small break between m2-m3 to refill the piggy bank and reportedly ample time in 4th year. Certainly something to consider if you’re older or have family to support.
  6. I feel like patients are getting more and more rude/demanding or maybe I’m burnt out from urgent care shifts this time of year. What’s your typical spiel after you’ve told them they don’t need antibiotics and they start up with the “I know my body” type statement/upset about not getting abx? I feel like some encounters end poorly at this point and there is a disconnect between me and my patient. They leave thinking they didn’t get what they came for but also can be flat out rude towards the provider. How can i do better at this?
  7. The feeling doesn’t go away if that’s what you want. I’m in my first year of medical school now after 4 years as an EM PA. You’ve got a great opportunity on your plate, having been accepted somewhere. Feel free to PM me if u have any questions about the first year!
  8. It's hard to quantify my studying but I made the decision about 6 months before I took the test. I simultaneously took ochem and physics while studying for mcat which looking back... wowza. I would usually have 2-3 days off per week and would crank out 10 hr days pretty nonstop getting my class work and mcat review in. This went on for about 6 months. My goal was a 504+ and I was pumped when I got a 508. While the average mcat score is a 500 that's amongst all test takers. The average mcat of matriculated students is 508-509. To get state school and low tier MD looks you really prob need
  9. OP- should lecom's program not work out this cycle then take the mcat for next cycle. At first glance it's a beast, but as you get rolling with some review books, khan academy and then practice tests it's actually quite manageable with repeated major themes over and over. Adding a few more schools will increase your chances immensely , esp if you're willing to move. Ive been a PA for 3 years and have my app in this cycle but not to lecom because I'm staying local. I managed to study on days off while my son was in preschool and did okay on it.
  10. The latter, covering patients who schedule same day or next day acute visits, similar to UC acuity id imagine.
  11. In New England - In an effort to find some per diem work where I'm home for dinner I cold emailed some family practice offices, offering to cover sick visits and have an interview coming up. Any idea on hourly rate or per patient rate on something like this? I'm 3 years full time EM and some per diem UC experience. Thanks!
  12. Where are you finding these gigs? The 48-72 hr gig a couple times a month is Something that's interested me for some time.
  13. I started a per diem second job at an urgent care after about 1 year of full time emergency medicine. I started looking at 6 months but everywhere wanted 1 year experience. Looking back, I think it would have been dangerous to start any earlier as most urgent cares around here are solo gigs with phone call back up.
  14. How far would you/ do you commute for a rural solo gig? I'm in New England in an area with no local rural options. There are a couple around 2 hours one way but I'm not sure they do longer shifts. For 24s or longer that seems feasible.
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