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Class of 2014

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Hi everyone,


My name is Michael Cadette and I was accepted to the Weill Cornell PA program class of 2013. Unfortunately I had to defer enrollment for a year. Now I am in the class of 2014, and can't wait to get started! I know this is about the time last year when I had my interview and thought I would set up a Facebook group for people who have been accepted for next spring. The group is called "Weill Cornell Medical College Physician Assistant Class of 2014."


I wish everyone who is applying the best of luck, and I hope to hear from some of you soon.


Mike Cadette

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Hi Mike,

Congrats on your acceptance, how envious I am! But I hope to become a fellow student of yours soon.

I have an interview at Cornelll on September 22, any suggestions on a near by hotel to stay? I'm also wondering how long it took the program to let you know you were accepted after the interview.

Any comments are helpful. It is my first interview and I'm little nervous.

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