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Another Derm Contract Offer, but in Columbus, OH!

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hi! i just received another offer, but it is located in COLUMBUS, OHIO (where there is quite a few restrictions to my understanding in terms of scope of practice).



-i have 2 years of experience in general dermatology

-i had little exposure to surgical/MOHS procedures, but am comfortable being a first assist

-no experience in botox or fillers


I just received the contract terms, which is for ONE year:

*this is mainly for general dermatology, with some possibility of doing solo procedures and gaining exposure to botox/fillers

*the average amount of pts to be seen per day: 35-45 

Base Salary: 100K  --> any other OH Derm PA's here that can give input? couldn't really find a solid number online, and I have                                          already looked at the AAPA report. 

Productivity bonus --> 20% collections over 200K

+ full bennies and decent PTO



I really do not want screw myself over, if I plan to pick up and move to a different state. So, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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@bananapeppers, it is Gahanna (don't know if its NE). how did u know? 


as far as the vesting plan goes, anything could happen and 5 years seems a bit much. what should i say in regards to this?


and 35-45 is not a fixed number; the current pa there sees around 25 pts and the doc sees in the upper range of 45. i asked how many pts i would see and it varies anywhere from 25-45 depending on how fast i can hit the ground running, and how busy i want to be.


so is the salary fair, or should i counter for higher?

and is 20% of collections over 200K fair?

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