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  1. Looking to get some input for those who are currently or have done local tenums. Currently have 5 years of ED experience and looking to branch out to do some traveling jobs. I tried doing some local search through the forum and just found some generic postings about groups -- like CompHealth, Weatherby, etc. but no one seems to go much into detail about it -- so I assume either it's a lucrative thing or not many PA's do it. I'm thinking it's more of the later. Could anyone talk about their experiences, rates, etc in regards to being a locums? I currently make $70/hr at my current ED position (w/ great benefits) and it seems like from doing an extensive search that the average rate for locums is $65-70/hr w benefits and $85/hr as 1099 which seem awful to me since some of my nursing friends make almost that amount when traveling.
  2. Our school has a special where they give us an extended time.
  3. BUMP. $275. It has all the review material you need for the PANCE/PANRE.
  4. Just passed the PANRE by studying Hippo and doing the review questions. It was an excellent source as it had individual video lectures for all of the topics on the objective list, and they were pretty thorough. Passed with an excellent score. Paid $500 for it. Will sell for $320. EXP: Nov 3 2019. Best material hands down for the PANRE.
  5. I took the PANRE though. Not PANCE. What did you take?
  6. JUST GOT AN E-MAIL. Scores are out. I passed. (Panre)
  7. It's probably going to be next Monday/Tuesday.
  8. I just took mine today. What did you think about it? It's supposed to be every other Monday, so if yours wasn't released on Monday, I assume we both will get it this upcoming Monday
  9. Thought I'd post in this session since most of us are practicing now. 5 year PA now that is up for re-certification. I've been studying for the past 1.5 weeks using HIPPO, scoring low 70's on most of the sessions. My exam is scheduled for Saturday, and I think I fell on the week where the exam score is released on Monday. I feel like I am not ready, then again, felt the same way with the PANCE as well. How did the PANRE go for those who have already taken it? I was doing some research and it looks like you need at least a 55% to pass, but then again I believe the tests are scored differently based on difficulty. Getting anxious/nervous!
  10. I work full time at a regular ED in the Midwest, recently the company that I work for expanded to another location which they required an "emergent need" and was offering $150/hr. I ended up working between my full time job and picking up part time work here, and by the end of the year, will have net over 200k (but I also was working 200+ hours a month). Now that the site has more more APPs, they have lowered the rate this month by half and while I will still continue to pick up hours at this part time place, I realized that I love being on the road, traveling, staying in a hotel, etc. I am single, 4 years of ED experience, and after doing the traveling gig the past year, want to pursue more into it. I'd like to make the same amount as I did this year, again hopefully next year as well -- but I am willing to to go those places that are in the most need (Iowa, Kansas, east coast). Has anyone heard of any companies/groups/agencies offering $100+ hourly rates in the US? I ask this because the local tenum docs talk about their hourly rates and it is an INSANE amount. Reviewing some of the past posts, it seems like a lot of the APPs were averaging $75-85/hr through local tenum and honestly feel like that's way too low for the amount of work we do in the ED (we basically do all the work for the docs). I met another PA who makes 200/hr when the need gets very bad at one site here in Ohio but she states that this happens twice/three times a month. Does anyone have any input on how to find these sites/needs that offer higher hourly rate? Thanks!
  11. How are you liking your job now? Are they teaching/training you? I think it depends on how much you like/enjoying/learning from your current job and if the new opening ER jobs have an opportunity to learn. If your true passion is EM, I would go for it, but only given the opportunity for them to teach you medicine. Most EM jobs you're just thrown in, so make sure it's a job that will teach you.
  12. im currently using em:rap but was looking for more resources to use to learn more about em. started working at a higher acuity hospital and have tons to learn, any suggestions for resources? thanks.
  13. I work full time in at an ED and part time in another rural ED. I picked up another part time job a year ago at another ED as well (2 part time total). The group runs both EDs (part time) and both are currently short staffed. The later one is extremely short staff and I am constantly getting e-mails about double pay. Fortunately, the job is pretty easy. I was banking $160/hr for two shifts last week when they offered double pay to pick up last minute. My question is, does anyone have any experiences working with EDs where they pay 1.5/2x the rate for last minute shifts? I ask because they are DESPERATE in both locations, and I have consistently helped them out. I had asked my lead APP to increase my hourly rate but won't because "the hospital is broke" (even though the ED group isn't through the hospital). Should I play this up and just pick up 1/2 shifts a month and try to get the extra pay on the shifts or try to negotiate a higher rate?
  14. My hospital library had it. Renting it out.
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