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Dea? Ma csr?

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Hi All,


I'm pretty much through the mountain of paperwork required to get started working, but have a few things left over. I'm NCCPA certified, have a state license, and an NPI #. Credentialing committee is about ready to OK my app, but I still have to get my MA Controlled Substances Registration and a DEA number. I submitted my MA CSR app over the weekend and was wondering if I could also start applying for my DEA or if I have to wait for the CSR# to come back before applying online to the feds. Anyone have an estimate of how long this part of the process takes?? My MA state license app was approved Jun 8th and I just received my wallet card in the mail on Jun 25, which held up my entire MA CSR app. This is really all driving me crazy, I just want to start working. Anyone have any tips/advice?


EDIT: GRRR, not sure why the title of the thread came out without all CAPS!

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What will happen if you try to concurrently apply for the DEA while awaiting the state CSR is that the DEA form will ask you for the CSR number assigned to you before it allows completion of the form.


Once you get the CSR, ( and most states tae 2-4 weeks), then e-applying with the DEA. Is easy.


And, although they say the DEA takes 4-6 weeks, my recent experience has been that it will take only 1-2 weeks.


Also, the state will send your CSR to the hospital. Sometimes the in-house mail room slows things up.


Give the DHEC. Or whichever agency assigns the CSR about two weeks, give them a call, see if they sent it.


When they check the computer and see that they did send it, ask the lady if she would mind telling you the number ( usually a number added to your state licence number) AND THE EXPIRATION date.


These are the only two items the DEA form requires.


Good luck

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You need a DEA before you can get a MA CSR if you plan on prescribing any Sch II-V drugs. Otherwise you can apply for a MA CSR for sch VI only (it is considered a controlled class under MA law as well). Call them on Monday to tell them your DEA is pending or it will likely just sit there and do nothing. You can call them the day you get your DEA number and they will process it quickly.



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