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  1. Agree with Ventana on this one... stay out of the fray. G
  2. As a prior 20-year critical care/street medic with multiple masters degrees and practicing as a PA for the last 13 years, unless you want to be a medic and do first responder work (or an ancillary field) as a career, do not waste your time on a BS/BA as a medic. The advantage of being a medic prior to PA school is clinical/street work, not the other stuff. If you want to do a philosophy degree, do a philosophy degree. If the school has undergrad biology/chem degrees, minor in biology (or even better, biochem) and call it a day. The critical thinking you will learn will transcend all aspect
  3. As an interviewer who has conducted many of these interviews at multiple PA programs, if I introduce myself by my first name, you can certainly call me by it. That would be the standard. G
  4. It won't be hard - it will be much easier. Just need the one doc you are affiliated with - that's it. All paperwork can be sent electronically. Prior to the change, it was all original documents. It was a nightmare. Vermont re-licenses every 2 years for all PAs. It is in even years. If you were to license now I don't know if you would be extended to 2024 by default or have to re-license in 2022. Would need to ask Tracy Hayes at State. G
  5. In our clinic, there are sporadic patients on long-term opioids, but one or two providers are the primary providers that have large panels. Part of this is inheritance from other retiring providers, and part of it is inheriting them from other practices when new providers have joined our organization. More of my colleagues use marijuana as a percentage compared to the patients who come through the door. Seems hypocritical for me to "look the other way" when thinking of them and passing judgement on a patient who uses marijuana. Particularly since Medical Marijuana cards are given out l
  6. E, This was a recent change. I was asked 2 years ago when I recerted but they hadn't made it official yet. Sounds like they have. Go for it. I''ll be doing it the next time around. G
  7. SEMPA Statement on PA Name Change Criticism Recently, the American Academy of PAs (AAPA) House of Delegates passed a resolution by a majority vote of 198 to 68 affirming “physician associate” as the official title for the PA profession. The vote took place after an exhaustive two-year process that included research and input from a national title investigation firm as well as the voice of a number of key stakeholders. The Soc
  8. Disruptive Innovation is a funny thing... it takes the known and accepted paradigm and turns it on its head. this is precisely what PAs and NPs have done to the world of medicine. And there is no turning back. Market forces will dictate this, not physician temper tantrums. The AOA will always, and only, advocate for its members. Frankly... it's as it should be. However, there is no benefit at this point to "aligning" with the AOA as it will not change their position. We either stand our ground and expand our footprint or we die a naturally selective death. It's just how th
  9. This is not surprising. Their approach has been a bit "two-faced" over the years and they would prefer if we weren't so vocal. Add in the recent EM jobs analysis and potential ED doctor glut and this just smacks of "protecting their turf." the audacity that one profession thinks they can have say over what another profession does is astounding... and frankly, paternalistic. They can go pound sand. G
  10. This is good to hear... maybe there is hope? G
  11. Make no mistake, this wasn't "missed" - this is par for the course based on "old" considerations and not wanting to "rock the boat." There is front-window optics and back-room deal making. This is very much the latter... G
  12. Medimike, I've always understood atypical Wenckebach rhythms to have a relatively constant R-R interval with a flucuating PR interval and occasional drop. Unlike classic Wenkebach, which eventually has a change in the R-R interval, Atypical Wenkebachs do not. Of course, it is hard to tell with this strip as the R-R interval for the 2nd-3rd QRS is significantly different from the rest. I would think that it is just fluctuation of electrical current through the AV node giving off an "alternating" rhythm between traditional and atypical wenkebach. In reality, I wonder what
  13. This looks like an Atypical Wenckebach...
  14. While all 4 are important, very pleased to see the first. This was always a pain when at the Zoo and had to hunt down silly signatures...
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