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  1. This is good to hear... maybe there is hope? G
  2. Make no mistake, this wasn't "missed" - this is par for the course based on "old" considerations and not wanting to "rock the boat." There is front-window optics and back-room deal making. This is very much the latter... G
  3. Medimike, I've always understood atypical Wenckebach rhythms to have a relatively constant R-R interval with a flucuating PR interval and occasional drop. Unlike classic Wenkebach, which eventually has a change in the R-R interval, Atypical Wenkebachs do not. Of course, it is hard to tell with this strip as the R-R interval for the 2nd-3rd QRS is significantly different from the rest. I would think that it is just fluctuation of electrical current through the AV node giving off an "alternating" rhythm between traditional and atypical wenkebach. In reality, I wonder what
  4. This looks like an Atypical Wenckebach...
  5. While all 4 are important, very pleased to see the first. This was always a pain when at the Zoo and had to hunt down silly signatures...
  6. Anything medicine-related is relevant to credentialing committees and med exec committees. I continue to list EMS jobs from 25 years ago because they were relevant when I first started. Besides, it should make its way into your NPI profile so if its there, its everywhere. No one is going to care about your position as a scribe, why you were terminated, etc. They will care that you selectively disclosed it. Once Listed - Always Listed. G
  7. Sure. In the world of business and administration education, the Masters level degree is considered a terminal degree and anything beyond that is generally utilized in teaching endeavors. It is also this way with the MPH but there is a collective effort to push for DrPH degrees to be terminal degrees in public health. It isn't an issue at the moment, but senior positions are moving towards DrPH holders and other doctoral level education. Additionally, the MPH is often pursued by those in healthcare with a doctoral level education (MD/DO) so they can fall back on their primary degree as the
  8. I have several friends who work for the State department and depending on where you are located, you'll be doing lots of austere stuff in addition to traditional embassy work. If I were single without a child I would have done it long ago. It is a lot to put a family through unless that is to be the family lifestyle for a long time. I have no insight into CIA stuff... not sure I want to? Austere conditions with military backup sounds pretty harsh as it is. G
  9. I have a slightly different take on this... get a terminal degree in the field you want to augment your PA education. An MBA or MHA would be fine. Only academics get doctoral degrees in these fields. I do not think an MPH will cut it as your "secondary degree" as a PA as the DrPH supersedes the MPH and the MD/DO supersedes PA. You'll be "midlevel" in everything you train for if you do the MPH. I don't think the DHSc or DMSc has made enough inroads yet for a terminal degree for PAs and other than academics, I think its utility is limited. This will change with time - but if you want to mo
  10. You are absolutely correct - I made my point about as clear as mud. There is no prerequisite time for vaccine development and a short time frame doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t a viable product. That’s my point. But my other point still stands - Upon which I believe we both agree. G
  11. Time spent developing a vaccine doesn't trouble me in the slightest. Salk developed Polio vaccine in 24 months - long before the advent of modern molecular biology. Jenner "developed" smallpox vaccine based on Cowpox cross-immunity based on observation alone. With the financial incentives at play for development of a vaccine, so long as real trials are done to prove efficacy, 11-12 months is acceptable. Data and public policy being put out by our "public health" institutions is what troubles me, akin to the concerns of Surgblumm. Further, data so far generated from immune responses
  12. MD/DOs are just physicians in my mind. Their education is on par with an undergraduate curriculum studied around the world for physicians... ala MB/BS. Times have changed, but once upon a time the only "Doctor" in my mind was the person who earned a PhD. That's true academic prowess (in the traditional sense of course) and as such I always thought they were the true "Doctors." With degree creep, I don't think the title is worth much anymore, and professional organizations are only serving their own best interests saying "this one can use the title "Doctor" and this one can't. Frankly, the
  13. Yep - just checked. That was some sweet legislation passed last year for you folks. And you have lots of ocean as well... a two-fer! G
  14. I use an Eko Duo and it serves its purpose... single lead ECG recognition on the fly. I use it mainly when dealing with critical patients in the early stages. Works reasonably well as an amplified digital scope and if contacts are good, murmurs can be pretty slick. Helpful with bedside POCUS to get a better picture of what’s going on. Acoustically though, I still rely heavily on my Master Csrdiology. Have had it for 2 decades. Hasn’t failed me yet (minus 2 tube changes due to sweat on the neck...) If you don’t want the ECG component (it really is a limited function... and an expensi
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