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TMB PA License Requirements

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To start with some background - I graduated PA school in August 2013, passed my boards in September 2013. I have been employed by one employer since 2014 and I am currently seeking a Texas state license.


I started my TMB PA license requirements July 1st - my goal is to have everything completed by the last TMB meeting of the 2015 year (November). I thought I had everything completed, eveything was sent / done by the end of August -- never assume. I recently (Oct 2nd) received a letter in the mail stating that I am missing Form L (Professional Evaluation). Now I did already to go to my PA school and get transcripts, a photo taken as well as a form signed by my program director and sent to the TMB. I also had my professional evaluation (Form L) filled out by one of my current supervising physicians.


Apparently this form L needs to be filled out by all of your last supervising physicians within 5 years, including my PA school program director? The letter also stated I was still considered a "new graduate," which is why they need this additional form filled out by the director. I really am looking forward to start job searching and anticipating a move to Texas within the next 6 months, TMB is just making it very difficult. Does anyone else feel that there is just a lot of hoops to jump thru to obtain a Texas PA License? Or is this typical?


Thanks for listening

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