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Need Ophthalmoscope/Otoscope

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I got the cheaper ADC Otoscope/Opthalmoscope kit and even that, I didn't really need. When I did use it, it was plenty adequate to practice with. If anything, buy that kit new and sell it before you leave the island. I also got the same stethoscope from all heart and I recommend it as good Medical Equipment. I may even decide to "upgrade" to the Master Cardiology later on.

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I have a set I would be willing to sell! Nickel cadmium handle (new), macroview otoscope and classic opthalmoscope (used). I'd sell the set for $350+shipping. No case, though. I bought my case on Ebay for like $40. It will come to you in the Welch Allyn green box. I technically have an insufflator bulb but I bought the wrong size, so it doesn't fit the macroview otoscope. Email me if you're interested - jamienicole3x@hotmail.com

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