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  1. I've got a basically new diagnostic set collecting dust and I want to get rid of. Everything works fine, including the rechargeable battery. See pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/qSe4V Only used it a few times in training; otherwise, it has been sitting in its nice case all of this time. $475 shipped to the continental USA. DM me if interested.
  2. And you still collect 72%. I am guessing primary care bills much differently than derm?
  3. Do you know how your practice calculates this? I've been doing some research about net collection rate, and am seeing some unexpected things. I always thought the collection rate was what you actually took in (both from the patient via cash/check/credit card plus insurance payments) divided by what you charged. But now, I am seeing that the net collection rate can be defined as dividing net received payments by the net of approved insurance contractual adjustment.
  4. Thanks for the excellent thoughts you guys. You've given me a lot to think about. I am now reviewing my numbers to see if collections were as good as they said when I joined. They had mentioned that they were around 80%, but my own numbers show collections around 40%. I may be miscalculating that, since the breakdown spreadsheet is confusing, but if that is the case, I may stick to base + 20% instead of a straight production 30%.
  5. I'd say go for the better quality of life. I went from a unstable surgical position to a very stable derm position and am happy not being on call or work weekends. I would try to once more for a higher hourly rate.
  6. I had posted on another thread that I am looking to renew my contract and maybe go to a straight production contract for my derm job. When I joined the practice, I was told that they had good collections, around the 80% mark. That seemed to be excellent. However, yesterday I had them pull my charged amount for the year and it showed that I had charged (or billed?) about $900K but the net received, which I am assuming is collected monies, was only about $360K. That's a collection rate of 40%. That didn't seem right. What are typical collection rates you guys are seeing out there?
  7. So you are saying I should ask for 35-40%? I billed $900K in a year's time and the collection rate is around 80%. As for my schedule, my physician does not have control over it and it is handled by the front desk people.
  8. PACShrink, Thanks for your response. I will be W2 and I'll have to see what benefits I'll retain if I go straight production. Collections is pretty good at around 80% of billed, but I don't know about the lag time.
  9. I am an experienced derm PA and I just finished my first year and my contract is up for renewal. Currently, I get a base salary plus 20% production bonus on collections over $250K. Now, they want to put me on a straight production contract. I haven't seen the contract terms in detail yet, but they did mention that my compensation, including direct expenses, would be 30% of my production. I've asked for clarification on how my compensation would be calculated and how it would be paid out. Questions: 1. Those of you who are on straight production contracts, how do your's work? 2. Did you retain all of your benefits? 3. What should I keep in mind when negotiating this renewal? Thanks, DA
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