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Prospective Applicatant '16

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Hello guys.Congratulations to you all on getting accepted into the UNT PA program. My name is Kelly. I am currently a senior at UTSA...i graduate next spring(2016) and plan on getting into a PA school. (Texas Tech is my first choice ) I wanted to ask if you don't mind sharing with me your experience as far as the application process is concerned. I finished in May and plan on applying in June? Idk if that's too late. I know this is a huge favor to ask but does anyone mind sharing with me what their GPA, GRE, AND HCE range was?. I'm just trying to get a feel of what they're looking for. My current gpa is a 3.8 overall. ..my science gpa is 3.5. I haven't taken the GRE yet..still studying for it. Also i am a Certified Nurse Aide and i work as a homehealth aide. idk if that is a good idea or should I work in a hospital or nursing home instead? I've been working for about 10 months now part time..I'll say i have about 300hrs HCE. ( I know I have to get that up)...ANY ADVICE OR INFORMATION FROM ANYONE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thanks and have a good day! :)


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