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hourly wage for part time Int. medicine/fam practice job??

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Hi all,


I'm a PA with 28 years experience and have been doing locums job for the last 6+ years so I'm out of touch with salary ranges for permanent jobs.


I'm discussing a 20 hour a week job in a hospital owned family practice/internal medicine setting in a small town in Michigan. This job is expected to work into full time job.


They will be offering health, dental, vision and short term disability but I don't

know how much they'll pay for and what I'll be expected to pay.


they are also offering $1500 a year for licensing and 1500 a year for CME.


I'm wondering what a reasonable hourly rate is for this type of position.

Can anyone point me to this information?


I'm suspecting they will be offering an hourly rate around $42-43 an hour.


the down side to this job is that it's an hour drive back and forth but there aren't many jobs where I'm living.

There are plenty of locums positions out there that will pay a lot more but I really don't want to keep doing locums positions. After almost 7 years of locums job I really need some stable down time at home.



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as far as salary if it was full time (40 hours a week 52 weeks a year) this would be about 82k a year which is low in my opinion for a PA with darn near 30 years experience... the doc i am with now hires new grads at 40 dollars an hour in Pediatrics for some perspective

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