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  1. The end of the year is coming up and I would like to spend my CME money. Does anyone have any creative ideas that' I can make use of before the of december? Besides traditional conferences what else would count? Would purchasing a new stethoscope or things like that usually be ok? I know this topic has come up before but my searches aren't coming up with much. Susan
  2. Yes you'd be crazy to spend an extra $50,000 for a PA education when you don't need to. Once you get out no one is going to care about what program you went to. Whether you "connected" with the staff during your interviews makes no difference at all. The location won't really matter because you aren't going to have much time to do anything else anyway. The fact that it's already accredited is very important. the already established program will probably have better clinical rotations. You can have fun and go someplace more exciting after you graduate. Congratulations on getting into two programs! .
  3. you can't do anything about the other doctor and how she turns pts over unless there is someone administratively above her that can push the issue. You can only control how you practice medicine. How she practices medicine does not mean you have to do the same when you see her patients. I tell pts at the very first visit I do not write for benzos. I particularly do not write for benzos and norco/percocet etc. If they haven't been tried on nonnarcotic meds/tens unit, PT etc, they will have to do that. I let them know they can go elsewhere: pain clinic, psychiatry etc. If on xanax long term I will give them one script to wean them off They often choose to go elsewhere. People like their xanax. At that first meeting. If there chart is large and I can't quickly find what I need like xrays and MRIs. I'll have them return so I have more time to review. If the previous provider didn't have any documented cause with xray and MRI (we had one doc who retired who was giving out xanax and pain meds like candy without any studies) they do drug test and contract at the first appt. the drug test weans out many patients. sorry. no narcotics or xanax with an abnormal drug test. On a rare occassion depending on the pt will give them a second chance. Most of the time If there isn't good documentation as to cause of pain they don't get pain meds. until I get tests that document cause. There is always the patient you darn well know has a real problem and needs the meds so I write enough til I can get appropriate testing. The bottom line is that I don't care how their previous provider cared for them, no one can make me write for medications I don't feel are safe or warranted. A lot of times pain meds are warranted but the pts have been getting bad care and I'm playing "clean up" type medicine. That's ok. It's not the patients fault their last provider was not great/good/adequate/safe. We have a doc one town over that just lost her license so we are getting an influx of her patients. Some of the med combinations are scary and other patients seem to be treated appropriately. I'm happy to explain to anyone that it is *my* medical license and I will write for what I am comfortable with and what I feel is safe/good for the pt. Good luck with that doc's retirement. It was hell and took a long time for us to clean up after our problem doc that retired.
  4. Ok. it's that time of year. What do you give your MA for a Christmas gift?
  5. All I wanted to do was find out what dates the recertification exam were offered. That is all. What do you have to do to get this. register apply to take the boards pay for the darn thing then wait for them to contact me about scheduling. This is just crap. Anyone know when or how often the recertification test is offered? Susan
  6. You are the medical professional seeing your patients. Do what you think is right. Don't ask permission. States are changing their laws regarding opioid prescriptions. It's best to be on top of this now. I would recommend drug testing everyone. Have a drug contract with everyone. no benzos with opioids except perhaps in rare instances. Michigan laws change June 1. What a pain in the patootie. I know it's hard when you're relatively new out of school but stand your ground. If they balk start looking for a new practice.
  7. Did you ever figure out the answer to your question?
  8. You got my hopes up! My employer doesn't pay for uptodate either. Never thought of checking my alumni benefits. Unfortunately Drexel doesn't offer it but I did apply for my alumni card. You never know. Maybe someday!
  9. Up until now only the physicians in our practice have taken call(phone only). Today all the PAs and NPs got an email stating we would all be taking phone call. This is not part of any of our contracts and letters of agreement. No discussion has preceded this email even though we were told that would happen. We are told we will also do this for NO COMPENSATION! lol!. It will be one week every 10 or 12 weeks for FP providers and every 3 or 4 weeks for the pediatric providers from monday at 5 pm to the next monday at 8 am . Until now just the Docs have been taking call as well as one pediatric PA who has been doing call every day for two years! (his preference) was paid $50.00 a night. Realistically there aren't many calls expected but none of us are willing to be start taking call without compensation. We already have to work in the walk in clinic one weekend every 5 weeks (for the last two weeks it was every 3rd weekend due to staff leaving and not being replaced). The physicians are not expected to work in the walk in clinic. if anyone would like to let me know how much they get paid for taking call I'd appreciate it. We are pushing for a lunch time meeting tomorrow. Thanks for your help! this would be evening and nights only and not during the work day.
  10. I know this is an old thread but just in case someone has the link I'd like to see it. The link is broken. Thanks Susan
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