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Close to a final draft - all opinions and feedback is appreciated!

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This is my third draft. I have take some advice and gotten rid of a bunch and added in more about why specifically I choose PA. Please let me know what you think about the overall flow and if you think it really shows my interest in the profession. I really appreciate any and all feedback! Thanks (: 




I stepped off a plane and into a place unlike anything I had seen before. Everything surrounding me was different shades of green and natural beauty. I was amazed by how different things could look outside of the United States, especially since Costa Rica was my first experience outside of the country. I was extremely nervous to be in a new country without a single familiar person, but my nerves did not deter my excitement. I was about to be a part of something remarkable: a mission trip to set up free clinics and provide medical services in under-served communities.


Nothing could have prepared me for what I was going to see on that trip. Within just forty miles, the beauty started to dwindle away. The feeling of excitement that overtook me my first couple of days was replaced with sadness and disbelief. I did not think it was possible to build a house out of a few pieces of sheet metal and some chunks of wood. I was wrong. Murky streams were flowing through the clutter of houses and it was unsettling to see young children with torn, dirty clothes drinking the water without a second thought.


My heart melted as I saw two big, innocent eyes look up at me, changing from wary to trustful as I placed the stethoscope onto his chest so he could listen to his own heartbeat. It was our second day in the clinic and I had seen more children sick and in pain than I could bare. I felt terrible for never truly realizing just how little some people have. Being in the clinics and the communities opened my eyes to that and a whole lot more. Seeing the smiles on the patients’ faces as they left the clinics with a little more hope was such a rewarding feeling. I felt blessed knowing that I was able to help change the lives of so many people. I was even more blessed with the pleasure of having those people change my life as well. The trip was not just about how I was able to help others, but also how others helped me see a clearer view of the world and learn more about myself as a person and future health care provider.


It was clear to me after my time spent in Costa Rica that pursuing a career in medicine was the right path for me to continue on. I had been introduced to the Physician Assistant profession not long before beginning my undergraduate studies and since then, I have explored multiple careers in the medical field. However, my interests always seem to make their way back to becoming a PA. While shadowing a PA in a family health center, I was able to get a better understanding of the profession and a clearer sense of exactly why I am drawn to it so much. Within just a single day, I came to greatly appreciate the relationship between a PA and the supervising physician. Both working together toward a shared goal, while still holding their individual freedom. I loved observing as the PA always had the option of consulting with her supervising physician about a specific diagnosis, treatment, or medication. Throughout all of my experiences I have worked closely with a variety of patients and clinicians, observing the interactions they have with each other on a daily basis. With these interactions and the widespread scope of practice, the PA profession presents itself as the perfect fit for me.


There is nothing more satisfying than being involved in another person’s life. I have been directly involved in health care for two years and every day has been a wonderful blessing. I have bonded with patients and their families, heard endless heart-warming stories, and seen faces glaze over with happiness as patients reach a new goal in their healing process. It doesn’t get any better than living a life where I get to experience this every day.  While I deeply value all of my clinical experiences, nothing has made me more certain of myself than my work in Costa Rica. I stepped off a plane unaware and unconstrained and back on again ten days later, dedicated to a lifetime of helping others in need. Hearing about the positive influence I have had in patients’ lives keeps me going and I aspire to be this kind of influence for years to come. Becoming a Physician Assistant is more than just my desired career path. It is about living out my passion at the benefit of others and touching the lives of other people, as so many continue to touch mine.

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