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Almost new grad- Family Medicine interview

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Sorry- this is a repost after I found the right thread to post this in!



Hi everyone,


My name is Mary and I'll be graduating from a Texas PA program this upcoming August. I have a job interview at a private family medicine clinic tomorrow and would love to have some advice.


I've looked at resources in preparing for my interview by looking at potential questions from the AAPA and TAPA. As an almost new graduate I want to be realistic if the conversation of compensation comes up. Obviously I would wait for the interviewer to bring up the topic but does anyone know what would be an appropriate baseline salary for me to ask for as a new graduate in Texas in family medicine?


Some things he mentioned on the phone about his practice: there are currently 4 docs (1 of which is a doc of chirop) and one PA. Their practice has been growing at about 17% each year and they are looking to eventually expand to 7 docs. They have a great pt population (no medicaid), the hours are very flexible, I would be expected to work 36 hrs/wk with 4 hr of admin time, potential for bonus by working extra hours. Office is open 8am-7pm and weekends 9-3, I pick my hours. I will have at least one of the physicians from the practice on site at all times if I need to ask questions but will have only one designated doc as my SP/mentor. They want to hire someone that will stay for a long time, not just a few years.


The AAPA 2013 salary reports a PA graduate with less than one year of experience is 78-80K.


1. This salary report is two years old (but there is not an updated one yet) so the avg might have gone up???

2. It is in the Houston area in Magnolia (near The Woodlands) which is very suburban.


My little sister is an ER nurse who works night shifts and says she makes probably a little under 70k/yr so I know I'm worth more than that.


I don't want to low-ball myself but I also understand that as a new graduate I will need a huge learning curve the first year.




Any advice on this and job interviewing in general would be much appreciated!!




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Ask how the bonus works. Also if they use EMR or paper charts. One thing that is a little interesting is that they don't take Medicaid. Do they take Medicare then because my understand was that if you take Medicare, you should also accept Medicaid since some elderly have Medicaid as their secondary insurance. Ask about call? Good luck.

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