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Reapplicant. Should I rewrite my personal statement?

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Hey guys,


I'm still on 2 waitlists from last cycle but i'm starting the application process again just in case i don't get accepted anywhere.  My last personal statement was pretty good, I managed to get 4 interviews out of 5 schools I applied to.  


Should I rewrite it completely? What else should I add to it? For example should I discuss how this is my second time applying? Thanks!

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I have seen differing opinions (more from the Facebook crowd than here), but I did NOT rewrite mine completely.  I used at least 85% of what I wrote the 1st year, improving the core content slightly (you'll always find things you'd change when you go back and reread something 8-10 months later).  As you have already observed, your personal statement was good - it got you to the interview.  If it tells the story of why you are passionate and committed to being a PA, then you've met your goal for it.  


I also didn't specifically discuss that this was my 2nd (or subsequently my 3rd!) time applying.  If you're applying to more or different schools (I did based on additional research that I did into programs), specifics could be extraneous.  I did, however, make reference to what I had been doing in the last year to improve myself and make myself a better PA (not just a better applicant, a better PA!), and I made sure to make a passing reference to anything that might be negatively perceived about what I had (or hadn't) done in that same time.  For example, I continued to work in a non-medical field (I do have a good amount of HCE already so I didn't need to continue to build HCE hours).  Reason:  I am paid very, very well in my current position, and so I've managed to save quite a bit which will allow me to forego incurring a massive amount of student loan debt.  


FYI, I am speaking from experience.  I completed CASPA and applied to a couple of programs my 1st year (with no expectations of acceptance, though I did get one interview).  I applied to a few more schools the following year, had multiple interviews, and was waitlisted at one school.  My 3rd year my GPA was finally to where I was realistically considered by most of the schools where I applied; I had interview invites from most of those same schools, and I was accepted at multiple schools.  I start my program in May.  

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