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Seeking advice from current and alumni students?

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Current Students and Alumni, 


I am strongly looking into applying to this program next spring (2015) when the CASPA cycle first opens up. It will be my second time applying to PA school, yet I didn't apply to UAB during my first time applying. It's been over a year and a half since I last applied to any PA school. I needed that time to vigorously work on improving my application as much as possible and I've been taking additional course, research opportunities, and working long hours in my hometowns local ED so that I will stand out more as an applicant. So in your opinion, what does the admission committee seek in an applicant? What are the disadvantages of being an out of state student? What do you as current students hope to see the classes that follow you? How can I really appeal to the program, and what skills could I bring to the program or the program might need? 


Thanks for your time, 



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