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Environmental Science BS -> PA Masters Program

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Hi all,


I've recently graduated with a bachelors in environmental science with a concentration in public health. I'm 24 years old. I've been debating about joining the health field the last ~2 years of my life, but did not want to change majors due to expensive tuition at a private university. I'm just looking for some guidance and suggestions from people who have applied and/or have completed PA programs, so I can take the right steps in the direction towards getting into a PA Program.


I don't have a lot of health classes due to my Environmental Science background, and I wasn't the strongest student in college. I graduated with a 3.15 uGPA, with mostly B's in my science courses.


Science classes I currently have:

Bio I & II

General Chem I & II

Foundations of Organic Chem

Physics I & II

Data Analysis I (statistics)

Medical Terminology

Modern Public Health



Occupational Health


Calc I

Other Environmental classes: Wetlands, Hydrology, Geology, Field Skills, Conservation, Ecology, Sampling & Monitoring, etc..


Classes I need/plan on taking:

Psych 101 (at a Community college this summer)




Developmental Psychology





-- either at a state school or community college...I've read that some schools do not accept community college credits, so I may need to definitely take them at a state school.


So, my biggest issue is probably that I have no pre-med or health background. So, I have about a full year of classes I need to take, but I also need experience!!! I have no experience, and I'm trying to figure out the best way for me to start (part-time until I'm done with classes, and then fulltime). I've also thought about going on a small volunteer trip for about 3-5 weeks at the end of this summer to Africa to work at a teaching hospital (most of which I'd be doing is observation, but perhaps some assisting).


I'm also a part-time fitness trainer., I've been doing it for over a year now, and I teach 3 classes a week. I'm not sure if this would help at all, but perhaps, it will show my involvement in a health area.


Any suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated. 

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