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GRE Significance - 2014 Interviews

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Hi Everyone,


I just took the GRE. I scored Q:146 V:148 A:3.5 according to the new standards. Now, this meets some school minimum requirements, but I don't know if it does for NU's.


When I went to the information session not to long ago, the previous director of the program mentioned that scores were insignificant and played a very small role in the decision making process. Does anyone else know about this? Should I plan on retaking it? How important is the GRE to getting in? I have a competitive GPA and tons of clinical/volunteer work experience along with professional work. 


Any help is much appreciated!






ps. I attached the GRE average scores for students looking to go into PA.


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Andrew, Northwestern does not have a minimum GRE requirement. For their accepted class in 2012, GRE verbal range was 42nd - 95th percentile (~149-165) and quantitative was 34th - 94th percentile (~148-167).


You fall just below the ranges but since they do a holistic evaluation, you can compensate for your GRE weakness with other strengths. I wish you good luck!

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