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This is still until construction. Please provide any helpful feedback!!!!!


      I will never forget that hot day in August that changed my life forever, the moment that inspired me to choose the path of becoming a Physician Assistant. Standing in the doorway of the hospital room where my mother was admitted, I vividly remember the paralyzing fear that overcame my body. She had just lost her right arm in a horrific bus accident, and my mind was bombarded with question after question; “How will she be able to take care of herself? How will she live like this?” “How will my family be able to cope?” My mother had always been an independent and strong woman. She lived her life fearlessly and instilled her strength and wisdom into the six children that she raised. I was scared for my mother’s future. The doctors were going in and out of her room offering medical advice and support, but that fear still would not allow me to enter the room. It was not long before my mom noticed me standing at the door. As our eyes locked, I knew in that instant she would be okay; her smile assured me that she was strong enough to adjust to her new lifestyle. My mom will always be my motivation. She is the reason I always push myself to overcome obstacles and keep myself moving toward my dreams. What she went through changed me. With everything my family went through, I feel that my purpose is to help others going through the same struggles. The feeling of fulfillment when you know you have made a difference for someone is unexplainable. My experience with my mom gave this statement meaning to me and has led me to become involved in various areas of healthcare.


      My experience as a Resident Services Assistant and Resident Medication Assistant at a Senior Assisted living exposed me to the communication and the mentality needed with patient care, but also allowed me to utilize my passionate for helping others.  While providing assistance with daily activities, care and administering medications I was able to connect and develop a friendly relationship with the residents.  Majority of the residents deal with numerous difficulties, such losing a spouse after 60 years of marriage, or trying to comprehend medical hardship like Parkinson’s syndrome. One day I walked into one of the resident to check on her and found her on the floor, her face covered in blood, conscious, she looked at me and said, “I don’t know what happened”. I immediately called 911 and stayed to comfort her; this showed I could be both empathetic and emotionally resilient in the face of calamity. Over the months I was faced with situations where I had to send out the residents via 911. As a Med tech, I became familiar with not only medications but also the dosages and the side effects. Through my job I was able to develop logical, risk analysis, and incident response expertise that will surely benefit me tremendously as a PA.  


     In addition to my experiences at Atria Living Facility, I participated in an internship through a PA Shadowing Program. During this time, I became acquainted with the responsibilities of a PA in vast specialties including Breast Oncology, Weight loss surgery, Internal Medicine, and Orthopedic surgery.  I am completely fascinated by the trusting relationship between the physician and the PA. By the end of May I will have over 200 hours of shadowing experience. I feel that my personality, my drive and the ability I have to understand and interact with people facing difficulties will definitely benefit me in performing my role in medicine.  From my professional involvements I can say with confidence that I would be a trustworthy PA with a pliable scope of practice, rather than being tied down to a single specialty.
















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