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I am a current first year PA student at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA. After wrapping up our first semester we were already given the duty of signing up for our first clinical rotation that will begin next fall 2014 and of coarse we do not have any established sites in Nevada. I am a southern California native and have many family members in the Las Vegas and Henderson area and it would be great to get at least get one rotation site in the area so I can save some money by staying with family. If there are any PA-C's, MD's or DO's or if you even know of a colleague that does take in students that are willing to be preceptors in the areas of OBGYN, pediatrics, internal medicine, family medicine, emergency medicine or psych please PM me. Also, please feel free to PM me for any other additional information.


Thank you very much in advanced.


Jason G.

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