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Practice test questions for regional gross anatomy?

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Hello guys, 


I am struggling in Gross anatomy. I study ALOT and have very little to show for it. 


The tests are what is getting me. Ive never taken tests like this before (board type tests according to our professor).


Is there anyplace I can find practice questions? I certainly dont mind paying for them, if they are quality material.



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I know we're not supposed to cross-post, but your question is remarkably like one this AM in the pre-PA forum that I responded to:


Gross anatomy was the first class I had and easily the most difficult. I wrote about it extensively in my book -- the frustrations and techniques I tried. The lesson I learned was that study techniques that worked for you in other classes might not work for you in anatomy.


I tended to study best with outlines for most of my classes, with a diagram thrown here and there. In anatomy, I usually did well on written tests, but poorly when they put a pin on a random fiber in the middle of a raw pot roast and then asked me questions about what it is and what it does. I realized that I was not naturally a visual person and I needed to develop a more visual learning style for the class.


Another problem for me in anatomy was that what you could see today would be cut away tomorrow. I eventually used a computer program that let you go back and see long-lost superficial items whenever you wanted to. I also spent time with the plastic models, handling them and getting comfortable with their features.


I guess the bottom line is to experiment with your learning styles in each of the classes you will be taking, including anatomy. What works for you in one might not in others. 




Good luck!

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