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Coming soon to a practice near you???

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I just received a frantic call from a local PA friend of mine that runs her own nursing home business.  She owns the business but has an agreement with several SP's to oversee their patients in the nursing homes and she pays them a percentage to sign charts.


She is losing over half of her patients due to two of her supervising physicians selling out and joining the big medical conglomerate.  Those SP's are now going to be an employee of this medical center - just like everyone else  - and the medical center only hires NP's because of the PA restrictions and regulations.   We are seeing this all over the state of KY - all of the PCP's and specialty practices being bought up left and right. 


Funny thing  - if she were an NP - the medical center would hire her.  Better yet - if she were an NP - she could continue her business without the SP's involvement.  Instead, she is possibly losing her business that she has fought to keep over the past 7 years. 



I am truly in fear for our profession and employment abilities if we do not push for independence like the NP's. 



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KY has the medical board that does not like NP/PAs.  It is disheartening to see your friend in this position.  Did she have any no-compete clauses with the physicians she hired so they couldn't do this to her?  Obviously not.  As PAs we probably can't even put a legal contract together that would bar a  physician from severing ties with us since we are dependent practitioners and have no clout in the medical field.


Tell your friend to call AAPA and ask them how she can get independent practice or how she could do a bridge program to becoming an NP in 6 months.  She could ask them about the PA/MD team concept and have them explain to her how the concept works well and that physicians are the "leaders".   You know, it's that PAartnership so widely preached that keeps us in business. 


Bring the issue to the KY PA chapter and start a grassroots movement for PA independent practice.  Go to your senator and get the legislature involved.  Use the same tactics the NPs do to get their autonomous rights.  Sheesh......I with you on the BS we are sold and the ground we seem to be losing for our profession.  

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