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A new beginning

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Hi all


Interested in finding out who else is a urology PA here. I'm a new grad hired to do OR (including daVinci robot), ER consult and clinic. Is this thread even alive? Doesn't appear to be, though I wish it could be a safe haven for all of us to congregate!







Yup, pretty quiet. I have also started in Urology as a new grad. Very fun profession

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I am a new Robotics PA who will be first assisting and I am also the Robotics Coordinator for our forthcoming program. Does anybody work as a Robotics First Assist and/or Robotics Coordinator? Can anybody help me with a sample FUNCTIONAL STATEMENT for this position? Or even just a simple job description would be helpful.  My employer is pretty much leaving all the responsibilities to me to build this position and the program from the ground up. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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