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looking to shadow in Palm Beach County Florida

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I'm not from Florida, but I was in your same boat. I looked up my states chapter and found the names of the officers on their website and emailed the one closest to me to see if I could shadow her. She was perfectly ok with it and it was a ton of fun. You just have to put yourself out there.


Here is your states chapter website...http://www.fapaonline.org/. Here is the link to your states officers. I don't know the geography of FL too well...http://www.fapaonline.org/contacts.asp. And if none of them are close to you, then ask them if they have any contacts for you in your area.


Good luck!

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I have sent a lot of people messages just waiting to hear back :)




I really hope you can find someone. Shadowing was so much fun and it really confirmed my aspiration to become a PA. Also, if you can, make sure to shadow a PA in primary care (family medicine, internal medicine, or pediatrics) and then in a specialty of your choice. I shadowed 4 in internal medicine, 1 in cardioloy, and 1 in orthorpedic sugery. I believe these choices gave me a very well rounded experience.


I stayed with the internal medicine PAs for a week total, the cardiology PA for a day, and the ortho PA for a week which gave me about 52 hours.


Hope you hear something soon!

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