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Interview Questions

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It was answered once, but I will try to answer it with different wording.


Google "physician assistant interview questions" I received 1,250,000 results.

Go to amazon and search for "physician assistant interview" There are quite a few books that will answer your questions.


I recently read this in another thread, but I think it deserves repeating here. The acceptance rate of many PA programs is around 5%. You are up against many driven, motivated, and detail oriented people. You may want to reconsider your approach to obtaining admission into a PA program.

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There is no specific to the point answer to your question. Every candidate is different. They will read your application and ask question about it. In order to prepare yourself read as much material as possible to show your dedication towards the program. I am not sure how long interview process last. You don't have to worry about that now. They might ask you about your background and experiences. Why do you want to do PA over MD? If you are a foreign doctor they might ask you about licensing exams?


Welcome to the PA forum. I wish you all the best and good luck!!

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