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Florida Academy of Physician Assistants (FAPA) is holding a pre-PA seminar on 8/10-11

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[h=5]The power of "One"

"One" mistake on your CASPA application could cost you an invitation to interview.


"One" misstatement during an interview could cost you a seat in PA school.


"One" pearl of wisdom could make all the difference!


We invite you to join us for "One" weekend of pearl diving...


The Florida Academy of Physician Assistants, FAPA, invites you to our second annual prePA Pearl Diving Extravaganza, August 10-11 at the Boca Raton Resort, as part of the FAPA Summer Symposium. We are committed to helping the best candidates for PA school, candidates like you, achieve your dreams.


In today’s highly competitive atmosphere seats in PA school have never been more contested, and for many good reasons. As you know, the PA degree is one of the most valuable master’s degrees in the United States today.


Whether you are deep into the application process or just beginning to research possibly becoming a PA, this August weekend retreat could be the most valuable investment you have ever made.


The actual Pearl Diving Workshop will be one of the most entertaining and important events of the weekend. Join a panel of NOVA PA students as they share a treasure chest of pearls gathered from over a hundred current PA students; pearls that helped get them where they are today and could help you get into PA school too!!


Click Here

for the full conference agenda and details

http://fapaonline.us7.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=bc569f46a4c17dddb33534256&id=95eaed35c7&[/h]or look up details at the FAPA website http://www.fapaonline.org


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