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The process of completing the non exam requirements for CAQ in Psychiatry

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Hello everyone. I am in need of some information from those that have taken the CAQ for Psychiatry. I am currently working on all of my non-exam requirements portions. The NCCPA policy states "Physician assistants seeking the Psychiatry CAQ must have gained at least 2,000 hours of experience (the equivalent of one year of full-time practice) working as a PA in that specialty within six years of the date they attest to NCCPA that the experience requirement has been satisfied. If selected for an audit, documentation substantiating that work experience will be required". My question is what type of documentation would they ask for in an audit? Do I try to get a breakdown from coding of only Psychological issues that I have addressed? Or letters from my supervising physician? Any help on this would be appreciated. Also, the fact that I am in the military and change jobs every 2 to 3 years is another issue. Do I get a letter from one supervisor stating my number of hours and then get new letters from any new supervisors during the process of completing the 2000 hours?

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