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Panre exam

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I'm getting ready to take the PANRE for the second time. They now have categories for surgery,family practice and adult medicine. Not sure where I fit. I have been doing Interventional spine and chronic pain management. Have done some urgent care but many years ago. Peds is a weak spot as is cardiology and OB/GYN since have not done it since school in 2002. Any suggestions in which test to pick?

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No matter which one you choose, 60% of questions (144 Q's ) are in primary med -- meaning that you still need to review peds. (the NCCPA has never told us how much Peds is on the exam). 100% of Q's will have 8% women's health -- no matter which you choose --- primary, adult or surgery.


The adult test will have 60% of everything, and 40% everything minus peds.

The surgery test is trickier --- 60% primary med and 40% primary Q's with a surgical focus (including women's, ortho, CV, neuro, peds surgery topics.


My experience with more than 2000 people taking the test is that the most common comment I heard about the adult test was:

"it didn't feel any different than taking a primary med exam".


the most common comment I heard about the surgery test was:

"it was awful and not at all what I had been expecting".


This is simply fact from what I have heard at the review course -- I took the primary med.....and it has gotten more difficult.

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