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Ending unfinished but I need help with the direction of my paper

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The ending is weak and unfinished, but I'm about to go over the word count, so I need direction. I have no HCE other than shadowing, so this is more about my journey to my decision to be a PA.


Any advice and criticism is greatly appreciated.


Things I need help with are : when to spell out a number or just write the number, and general direction of the paper.


thank you,


Thanksgiving 2010, I can recall the day so clearly. It began just like any other Thanksgiving Holiday, but this is the day I decided to pursue a dream I had once been afraid to follow. In the months leading up to that day, I had become increasingly aware that I was in desperate need of a change. Working in a cubicle 5 days a week was beginning to take its toll on me. I slowly began to realize, I was stuck in my idea of meritocracy. A place where years had passed and I was still doing the same thing I had zero passion for when I started. I had always told myself, that taking a desk job with the University of Phoenix was a stepping stone. And it was, but it had served its purpose, yet 3 years later I still remained


Unsure of my path as a High School student yet responsible and ambitious I enrolled at Arizona State University and graduated just 3 years later with my Bachelor of Arts in Communication and minor in Special Event Management. I was the first person in my family to attend college which was exciting. Upon completion of my Bachelor’s Degree, I took a stable job which paid well enough and had amazing benefits at the University of Phoenix. One of those benefits being that I could earn a Master’s degree free of charge; I did. I found a small niche and I had a plan. I wanted to be a business owner running my own special event management company, specializing in weddings. I just loved the idea of being part of people’s lives in such a profound and pivotal way. I completed my Master of Business Administration (MBA), but half way through my program it was clear. Business was not my passion. I was completely ambivalent about it. I found it tedious and lackluster. While networking with current business owners, I also realized that the duties of a business owner were much different than I imagined. As a business owner, most of my days would be spent drowning in the bureaucracy of owning a business and uninvolved with clients. If my goal was to be hands on and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, it was clear- this was not how I would do it.


So my focus shifted and my wheels started turning as I figured out how I could be personally and professionally fulfilled. I had always been both interested and intimidated by medicine. I toyed with the idea of becoming a nurse in High School after taking a Medical Arts class where we learned the different facets of medicine. Then again in my undergrad when I took an Aging Communication course which focused on death and dying. Involved in church, I knew I had an innate desire to serve others and make a difference, but I had greatly underestimated myself in terms of what I could accomplish. However, much older after having obtained my MBA, this time married- I realized I needed to do something that would emphasize my strengths. So, that Thanksgiving afternoon 2010, I finally had enough courage and turned to my Aunt, who is a Physical Therapist, for advice on medicine as a career choice; she was all the encouragement I needed.


So I looked into the profession, and in the spring of 2011, I took my first prerequisite towards becoming a Physician Assistant (PA). I excelled and knew instantly, this was a perfect fit. I was utterly enthralled in learning about the human body. However, unable to make an immediate switch to medicine, I continued working my desk job while attending classes, shadowing Physician’s, and eventually applying to PA school in an effort to move towards my aspiration of becoming a PA.

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