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2nd Time Applying - Here is last years essay.......How to improve it??

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I've always had an insatiable curiosity towards science and health as long as I can remember. This proved to have overwhelming influence towards my life goals throughout high school and college. I knew I always wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, to be able to make a difference. I've always had the belief that I wanted to somehow be a part of medicine, but was not exactly sure of what, or how. While trying to personally answer the proverbial "what do you want to do with your life? ", I enlisted into the United States Military to help gain insight into the answer to this question.



During Technical School I was voted class leader which endowed me with the responsibility of the entire class. I have never before had a responsibility of this magnitude, especially over another person. I felt that I fit right into this role. As class leader, I had to ensure that the entire class was excelling physically and academically. During this training, a huge emphasis was placed on combat and survival. Here, I was exposed to first aid and emergency medicine training that turned my curiosity and interests of medicine into a passion. During my departure from the military, I left with a focus and desire never before experienced. I knew I wanted to have a role in overseeing patients and providing health care.



With this new-found direction, I continued on the necessary steps to achieve my career goal. While attending Western Michigan University, I paralleled my classes with those that would best prepare me for the position as a Physician Assistant. As an undergraduate, I gained experience in a clinical setting as a Medical Assistant in a physician's office. Here, I worked side by side to a practicing physician that shared her years of medical knowledge and experience which greatly helped me along the way.

I learned a vast range of new medical terminology, procedures and treatments. This included anything from taking patient histories to performing wound treatments and radio graphs.



To further my range of skill sets and experience I obtained additional employment as a Medical Technician in a long term care facility. This position allowed me to be in a leadership and health provider role. My primary duties were to ensure the residents had proper health care and well-being. This position also allowed me to gain more experience and pick up new medical skills. A few of the new skills I learned include performing neurological checks, dispensing medications and narcotics, and evaluation and documentation of abnormal behaviors.



On my path to becoming a Physician Assistant I have gained insights and perspectives I never thought I would endure. During these times I had to prioritize what was most important to me, and temporarily put my career goal on hold. In these times away from pursuing my path to becoming a Physician Assistant, I took time off to be with my ailing grandparents. Being with my grandparents gave me a perspective into what it's like to be a patient. Not everyone experiences a loss in the family the same way; I tried to take the positive from it. My commitment and passion for health care was only solidified more from this experience. Again, while serving in the military, I have had to put my studies on hold to fulfill my obligations. My military training has taught me incredible life lessons, including determination. These life lessons have allowed me to push through any obstacles that I have faced.



My experience, skills, and possibly most important, my personality has led me to where I am today. Becoming a Physician Assistant will finally place me into the role I've been striving for. Ultimately, I want to be a Physician Assistant so that I can provide a very high level of health care to those who need it.

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