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Retaking Courses?

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I am currently debating if I should retake some courses I got a C in. I have already graduated so I will probably take them at a community college. I have a 3.34 cgpa/3.5 sgpa, 200 hours of volunteering, 40 hours of shadowing, and I just started a PT aide job. I plan to take my GRE this fall and apply next cycle.


Biology I & II-A/A

Chem I & II-B/C

A&P I & II-A/A

Organic Chem I & II-C/C



I also have a C in precalculus, genetics, and english I. I refocused my senior year and took all science classes and received almost all A's.

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I've asked this same questiona while back and the consensus seems to be if you want to be competitive then retake all your classes with C's, and try to take more advance classes such as medical micro, immunology, different psychologies, etc. It depends on the program, some of them have different requirements as to what classes they allow C's while other programs want all A and Bs in your science classes. I got some C's also in my lower level science classes but did well in the higher science classes, I'm going to apply and see what happens. Maybe your other qualities will help you more. good luck.

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