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Decision between 2 schools AND life. Thoughts, advice, tips are welcomed!!

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Hello everyone,


I've been accepted into two PA schools, which I'm aware of this blessing that I have. The "1st" PA school starts this fall, is about 3 hours away from home, and I will most likely be away from home during the clinical 's of my 2nd year. Therefore, I'll be pretty much be away from home for two years.


The "2nd" PA school starts 8 months after the "1st" PA school starts, the program is in my hometown where I am also guaranteed to do my clinical's at as well.


Although I would like to start my PA dream as earliest as I can, I'm also in a committed relationship and WE both would like to get married soon.


Due to demanding nature of the program and from what I hear from PA students' concerns, I'm having difficulty deciding on starting PA school as early as possible and being away from my loved one for 2 years or waiting 8 more months and be near my home/loved one.


Thoughts, advice, tips are welcomed!!

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Which program do you like the most and think you will have the most success in? Can your significant other move with you? 8 months is a long time of lost income if you are currently unemployed after school, but if you have a decent enough job now that can make the time less significant. You also might find it easier to get a job where you are now if that's your intention if you choose the local program. Personally I would just choose the one I like the most and feel I will get the most out of. I would think I would get more out of a program that had a variety of clinical rotations in different locations, but everyone has their own priorities.

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