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Been inquired about applying for MOHS surgery

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anyone doing MOHS? my good friend who is already a derm pa would like to refer me to a solo doc.

hear is what I know;

doc is willing to train from scratch

short work week

good money?





this would be a total change in specialties for me--doing EM now..






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I have been working in Mohs Surgery as a PA for over 10 years and founded the MohsPA.org group.


Mohs Surgery is a great field if you enjoy surgery. Mohs PAs work in a variety of different ways with the Mohs surgeon. Some do some general dermatology and then help doing the reconstructions after Mohs surgery, while others help with the stages during the Mohs surgery and then do reconstructions. You end up spending much of your day suturing.


Feel free to contact me through the MohsPA.org site and I'll answer any specific questions you may have.


Good luck.


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