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Public Service Loan Forgiveness - not-for-profit private hospitals?

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Does anyone have experience with the public service loan forgiveness program?


One of the qualifying services is:


"A non-profit, tax-exempt organization under section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (includes most not-for*profit private schools, colleges, and universities)"


I notice that many private hospitals and private university hospitals are non-profit or not-for-profit. Does this mean they are 501©(3) or that they are some different kind of non-profit?


How would I figure out if my employment would qualify?

Has anyone gone through this before?


I'm not currently employed, but would like to know this before I start my job search

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I don't know that much about it, but my gist is that if a hospital is a public or religious hospital, it is generally non-profit and will apply. If it is a private hospital or clinic, it is not and will not apply. I asked my HR department and they told me, but obviously you can't do that since you don't know where you're going to work. I would just peruse their website, especially on the "About Us" page, and try to find more information that way if it's unclear.


Hope this helps at least a little! :smile:

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