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I asked this question in the Pre-Pa forum and then I realized that you guys would know better.


My name Joanna and recently I have been accepted to my top 2 schools. I'm waiting to here back from the others. I have a friend who applied to the same programs right on the deadline (Nov 1), while I applied Oct 1st. I have been interviewed by all of the schools I applied to within about 5 weeks of applying. My friend however hasn't heard a word from anyone. Now when you compare our stats he is significantly better than I am. I hold a 3.3 he holds a 3.7. I did 500 hours of shadowing, he has worked as an LPN for the last 5 years. He is a genuinely great person, a leader in school and a shoo-in for any spot once interviewed but still no calls.


So I have a couple of questions....


1) Do you think that I applied earlier so I was interviewed and accepted in an earlier batch and he may here from them in the next rounds?

2) Were any of you accepted pretty late compared to your peers?

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