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Hey guys,


I made a similar posting last week in the PANCE/PANRE section, but I've been told by a couple people that they think this topic might actually be more relevant in the general PA Student section so I'm re-posting it here so more people can see it.


I'm new to the site, but I just wanted to let everybody know about a little project I'm doing that I think can really help a lot of people.


A little background: I'm a Physician Assistant that currently works in an Emergency Department but has experience in both Intensive Care as well as Neurosurgery. I'm a recent grad (2010) but I got into the habit early of reviewing some material every day, even if it's just for 5-10 minutes. As those of you who are currently working can attest to, it's not easy to work a 12 hours shift then come home and hit the books, especially as a new grad. I found myself getting rusty very quickly. That old saying "if you don't use it, you lose it" certainly holds true! Anyway, I would come home and review and make quick-hit fact index cards and then review them before bed. After a while it became a habit, something I still do to this day. I literally have stacks and stacks of index cards in my office but I found that I was staying fresh by doing this, much more-so than my peers who weren't constantly reviewing. The best part is that it felt effortless because I was only reviewing a couple facts each day, but they stuck.


About a month ago I had the idea to bring this idea to Twitter. I started an account (https://twitter.com/boardreviewnow) and each day I Tweet a couple review facts, depending on how much time I have and my schedule. Everything is straight out of Harrison's, CMDT, Tintinalli, PANCE review books, etc. I try to keep everything relevant and focus on the "must know" stuff that is important to both clinical practice and boards testing. I try to include pictures, as well, when I can.


I'm NOT affiliated with any organization and NOT not trying to make any money off of this, so I hope this doesn't break the "no advertising" rule. I'm going to keep Tweeting daily medical review whether I have 10 followers or 100,000. I thought this would be a great way to help others review as well as give me a little extra motivation to keep posting as much review as I can. If you guys are interested, follow me on Twitter and hopefully we can all get a little smarter together!


p.s. I'm also open to suggestions if you guys are looking for review on a specific topic (neuro, peds, derm, etc).

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