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New Grad ER offer

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Hello Everyone,


I am a new grad. I want to know how this offer is. Please give your suggestions, thoughts and feedback about this ER position.


3 days a week

12 hour shifts

$72000 per year- starting. After first year $74000 per year

No contracts

22 vacation days

12 sick days

40 hours of CME

11 holidays per year.

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From what I understand its pretty expensive to live/work in NYC.

That said this pay looks horrible? And with only a 2k increase after a year sounds like a junior hospital administrator trying make a low ball offer.

This roughly translates to $40 an hour which may "sound" good but your only getting 36 hours a week.

A lot of new grad PAs make a lower amount as a first gig, but usually can prove their worth fairly quickly.

Maybe you should try to not accept anything less than $55 per hour to start out.

Can you live in NYC on part time hours? What does the ER RN make per hour in the same hospital?

Regarding the CME- 40 hours is very vague. You should ask for 2000 per year amount and choose your own CME.

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Terrible salary for ANY PA job, especially EM. I would say try and re-negotiate but with such a low initial offer I don't think you can come to a reasonable offer. Walk away. You are getting way below national average across the board for new grad PAs. I know NYC is a hard market but you are basically working with all the risks for a nurse salary...

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