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We get amazing feedback from our live courses. 


Active engagment learning is what we do at our live conferences.  We make it fun, energetic and transformative.  We don't have a cookie cutter approach of reading slides to you.  You could do that at home in a review book. 


We use the audience response units to constantly engate you with questions, review material and engage the audience.  If your brain is full.... all learning stops.  We make the conference fun. 


I received this eamil last night:


"Not going to lie, but at first I was seriously dreading sitting though 3 days of 10 hour classes. I thought, "there is no way I am going to stay awake, let alone learn anything after the first hour."  You totally proved me wrong! I loved the fun, interactive approach you had to teaching; and your mnemonics and stories to remember things are awesome, and are already making it much easier for me to retain information. I am so excited to listen to my CDs and open my flashcards (nerd. I know) but this is like Christmas in July for me! haha."


Life is good. 

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