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Are we selling ourselves short?

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Recent talk with a hospital administrator went like this: "not verbatim but you get the idea"


Admin- Your profession is in high demand and you guys can pretty much write your own ticket. Sooo, We would like to offer you a job that pays $80,000.


Me- is that negotiable? I make quite a bit more than that currently.



Admin- if you do, you are an exception. Here, You will never make more than that, PAs are not supposed to make more than that. Basically in the pecking order, a PA is not anywhere near the level of making more money than administration.


Me- I have noticed you have been looking for a PA for a long time, why do you think that is?


Admin- It is hard to recruit a PA to our area.


Me- have a nice day and thank you for talking with me.





Question: if there is such a huge demand for our profession why does this happen?


Supposedly it is estimated that the US needs 65,000 providers, while only 6,000 new PAs graduate per year. Not as many NPs and quite a few Docs who go to areas other than primary care.


Who is in the drivers seat away? Sure it's not all about money, but, why do we not have a say? There should be no predetermined limits on our earning potential!

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